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HR 940 is now HR 1183

Thank you for being patient during this time of change at Suzy’s Law. We have had our share of technical and other problems with our site but we are finally catching up. As you see above HR 940 will now be known as HR 1183. It is still the “Suzanne Gonzales Suicide Prevent Act” but with the new congressional session came the need for the bill to be reintroduced into congress and a new HR number. We will have two years to build support, gather co-sponsors and make enough of an impact to have this bill passed. Let me update what has been going on since our last post:

The “Suzanne Gonzales Suicide Prevention Act” was formally introduced to the House of Representatives on February 4, 2009 by Congressman Wally Herger (R-CA2). The bill has 5 co-sponsors and they are Rep. Jeffrey Fortenberry [R-NE], Del. Madeleine Bordallo [D-GU], Rep. Jim Matheson [D-UT], Rep. Marcy Kaptur [D-OH], and Rep. Sue Myrick [R-NC]. We greatly appreciate these congressional members for supporting our bill and leading the way for others to join in. This is just the start and we will need many more co-sponsors to get this bill moving out of committee. HR 1183 is presently in the House Committee on the Judiciary where it will be studied.

On March 3rd 2009 Suzy’s Law was invited to speak at a event at California State University – Sacramento. This event was sponsored by the Ailing Mothers and Fathers chapter at Sac. State. Here is a link to their chapter, . Mary and I spoke at this event and we were impressed by this group of young people who organized it. Also a representative of the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention and the Suicide Prevention Crisis Line spoke about depression and suicide. There were approximately 30-40 people in attendance. We considered the event a success and we want to thank the Sac. State chapter of AMF for inviting us and all their hard work for this event.

On April 6th 2009, at 10:00am, Congressman Herger will be holding a press conference at Tehama County Administration Building here in Red Bluff to introduce HR 1183 to the media and public. Anyone who is interested in hearing about the bill and why it is needed is invited to attend. The more that is known about what happened to Suzy and others like her, their preventable deaths, and the predators that caused their deaths will help move HR 1183 through Congress.

Mary and I invite any people who are interested in helping us get HR 1183 passed to contact us. The more we speak and raise awareness about what happened to Suzy the more we find out this has happened to many, many others. This has to change, and we feel that HR 1183 is the start for this change.

Thank you all for visiting this site and for your support. Keep reading here for updates and keep spreading the word about what we are doing. It will take an act of congress to get things changed and we the citizens of this great country must demand this change. Keep calling, writing, emailing your congressional Representative and have them support HR 1183.

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    H.R. 1183 will make it a crime to use the Internet to help someone commit suicide. We think this is a good bill, and we want it to become law. Click here to learn more.

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