Suzy’s Law

The Suzanne Gonzales Suicide Prevention Act of 2011

Successful media event Red Bluff

We had an extremely successful press conference with Congressman Wally Herger today, at the new Tehama County Administration Building in the impressive Supervisors Chambers. We were able to have our information table set-up with informational brochures, business cards, volunteer contact cards, and contact information for the 54 US Representatives from California. We are trying something new; a post card with postage and a note supporting Suzy’s Law. The only thing a person needs to do is fill in their name, address, city, and zip and mail it to their Representative.

The front of the room had tripods with an information board and a photo biography of Suzy, and a large banner was displayed behind the speakers.

About 30 friends and family were in attendance as were local television and newspaper reporters.

Congressman Herger started the meeting promptly at 10am with an introduction of HR 1183, the history behind it, and the circumstances leading to Suzy’s death. He was very passionate when speaking of the need of HR 1183 to hold the “sick and twisted predators” accountable for their actions.

Congressman Herger then introduced me and I gave a little more in-depth description of Suzy, what happened to her, the predators of the pro-suicide internet sites, and why we think this bill does not infringe on our freedom of speech rights.

I then introduced our guest speaker, Liseanne Wick, President of the Sacramento chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and the Coordinator for the 24hr Parent Support Line and the Suicide Prevention Crisis Line, both programs of the Effort( She spoke of the warning signs of depression, suicidal behavior, and her support for HR1183. Liseanne has forwarded information about Suzy’s Law to her network of crisis line directors across the country. She will be attending a big mental health professional function in San Francisco next week where she intends on sharing our cause with the members at large.

Congressman Herger and I then took turns adding to the information already presented specifically addressing the First Amendment and the dangers of anonymous internet serial predators. We then answered questions that were raised. After that Congressman Herger and I did short TV interviews shown on the local news this evening.

Shortly after we left I was contacted and interviewed by the American Family News Network via phone, to be broadcast on their national radio show. That was an unexpected bonus to the day.

To quote a brilliant man (Congressman Herger), “It takes an act of Congress to make a change”, we are gaining ground and we will make it!!! Take care and I will keep you updated as progress is made…………Mike

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