Suzy’s Law

The Suzanne Gonzales Suicide Prevention Act of 2011

Tehama County Sheriff Endorses Suicide Bill

Tehama County Sheriff endorses suicide bill By ANDREA WAGNER -DN Staff Writer Updated: 07/05/2011 11:00:37 AM PDT

Tehama County Sheriff Dave Hencratt and Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston signed a letter of endorsement Tuesday to Rep. Wally Herger supporting the Suzanne Gonzales Suicide Prevention Act of 2011.

Suzy’s Law, HR 1183, is an attempt to increase penalties for Internet predators who promote and teach people to commit suicide.

The legislation is driven by Red Bluff couple Mike and Mary Gonzales, who became advocates for suicide prevention after their daughter, Suzanne, took her own life in 2003.

Suzanne, a Red Bluff Union High School graduate with a full-ride scholarship to a Florida State University, swallowed a fatal dose of poison by following the advice of an online suicide advocate.

The sheriff’s endorsement followed a meeting with the Gonzaleses who are working to get the legislation passed.

This is the fourth introduction of the bill to Congress through Herger’s office.

“In this day and age of social networking, I see more and more how people are being influenced by what they see on Internet websites and how they are influenced by an assortment of predators,” Hencratt’s letter reads. “I know this is not only an issue isolated to the citizens of the United States of America, but it reaches beyond our borders to an international level.”

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